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Submitting a ticket via Email

Email is probably the most effortless manners by which your clients can contact you, so you have to ensure you put it up on your site and let every one of your clients know. You can utilize the help email address you got while you pursued Ezeedesk or you could incorporate your current help email with Ezeedesk (Here's the manner by which to do it). 

At the point when a client messages you a help inquiry to your help email address, it will be made as a ticket in your helpdesk. You can convey a computerized reaction to the client utilizing email warnings, giving them the public URL of the ticket and data about when they can anticipate an answer. Or on the other hand you can simply be close to home and turn off warnings and send a reaction legitimately. 

The email address of the client who raised the inquiry will turn into a contact on your helpdesk right away. You can alter this new contact and add data like the client's name and telephone number as and when you get it. 

The ticket made by means of email will be in the tickets tab with the source determined as email. You can simply answer to it or perform activities like sending or adding notes. Your ticket answers will arrive at your client through email. You can set up Knowledge base and Forums and urge your clients to utilize your entrance, or you can keep your helpdesk undetectable make it a straightforward email discussion.